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Friday, February 5, 2010

The easiest way to test Rails 3

Hi, In this post you can find an easy way to test Rails 3 Beta on top of BitNami RubyStack. With RubyStack, you can keep separated, self-contained environments that you can create or remove with ease, so you can test Rails 3 without disrupting your current development setup. RubyStack is available as native installers, virtual appliances or cloud images. Enjoy!

Rails 3 Beta

After a long time in the works, the first beta of Ruby on Rails 3 was
announced. The post from DHH can be found here.

We will keep updating the site as new resources and reviews trickle in.

Rails 3 Info launched

Hi there! We (the BitNami team) just launched our website dedicated to the new version of the popular Ruby on Rails framework. There are lots of new and exciting features and we want to provide a place to collect and share the most interesting articles and resources.

We look forward to providing an updated Rails 3 RubyStack easy to use installers and virtual machines when the final version is released.